The FLL Rewind Camp may be cancelled for the summer of 2021 due to Covid-19 Restrictions.

Camp Information

Where: PLHS Commons

Who: Ages 9-13

Dates and Times: To be determined

Cost: $95 for 5 Sessions









Work with a team to design, build, and program a robot in this exciting robotics camp! Learn basic programing skills with EV3 technology and build using LEGO® bricks and products to create robots that perform tasks to complete missions. This camp is a great way to see what FIRST® LEGO® League is all about and get a head start on learning how to build and program your robot. Already participated in FIRST® LEGO® League? Use this camp to try out different programs or missions you weren’t able to complete during the regular season. Each team will have multiple mentors from the high school robotics team, KING TeC, to guide you through the build process. The final session will be a tournament where teams will compete to have the highest scoring robot. Students with all levels of experience are encouraged to register. Register by July 1st to receive a T-shirt. Please bring a water bottle to camp each day.

KING TeC Robotics includes FIRST® LEGO® League participants. This camp is for students interested in learning FIRST® LEGO® League skills. FIRST® LEGO® League is a trademark of FIRST®( and the LEGO Group, neither of which is overseeing, involved with, or responsible for this activity, product, or service.