Lord of the Gears is still working on their project from this year’s FLL challenge! To donate to their Rain It In campaign, please click on the PayPal link below!

To learn more about the Rain It In Campaign, click here.


Team Bio:

LOTG comprises of 6 kids, 4 girls and 2 boys – Lisa, Mahika, Sara, Srushti, with Conner and Kirk. This was the 3rd year for most of the team members. All the members are 7th graders, except Kirk, who is a 6th grader. Each one brings a unique strength to the team, but all of them are very open to learning all the skills necessary to make this team a success. The team is very independent in working on technical and non-technical aspects of the program.

FLL State:

LOTG stood at an overall 8th place in the MN state tournament. They were judged as exemplary in their project judging for all the outreach they did so far.

‘Rain it in’ Campaign:

The team has been advocating for rainwater harvesting through the course of FLL as a part of their project. Even with their run ending at the state tournament, the team is focused on continuing their work on spreading awareness about water conservation in the community. Their project proposes usage of rainwater in multiple ways.
  • Using barrels in individual homes to collect rainwater run-offs from the roofs to water gardens/lawns and wash cars.
  • Talking to the city councils and school board to see if a broader version of rainwater harvesting project can be implemented similarly to what has been done at CHS Field or Target Field. This includes collecting rainwater in huge tanks, using basic filtering methods (not purifying as much as what is done for potable water) and then supply it via a separate pipeline to flush toilets. This idea can be implemented better as a part of new communities/construction.
To encourage the community to harvest more rainwater, the team has decided to team up with the Prior Lake/Spring Lake Watershed District during their Spring Cleanup event in April this year. Team LOTG has a goal of distributing at least 20 rainwater barrels to the families within the community during the cleanup event. To achieve this goal, the team already organized a fundraiser with Davanni’s in Savage on Feb 19th, 2018. They have plans to organize more fundraisers in the near future and have also reached out to the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community with a grant application.