KTC 2019 game reveal video:

The game reveal video shows half of the field. The other half of the field will be a mirror image of this, with red markings. The blue side of the field will be for the two teams forming the blue alliance and the red side would be for the two teams forming the red alliance. The details of the game rules and the penalties are explained in the game manual provided to the teams.

How the life preservers will be dispensed

How the robots can raise the flag up the flag post

The handle in the front of the flag post can be rotated to raise the flag. There will be a mark halfway up to identify when the flag has been raised half way up in the end game.



  • A fun program where kids to explore building robots using metal components and toolkits. Kids get to come up with their own unique designs for their robots to score points specific to the game designed for the season. Kids need no prior experience to participate.


  • Teams of 4-5 kids from grades 6 – 8, coached by parents (don’t worry, no experience necessary), and mentored by KING TeC members.


  • It is a pathway for the kids to get acquainted to the ropes of high school robotics.

When and Where?

  • Teams meet September-December, twice a week at Prior Lake High School for an hour and a half long practice.

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