Robot Quick Facts
  • Name: Sir Bedivere

  • Year: 2017

  • Weight: 120 lbs

  • Programming Language: Java

  • Status: Showcase

  • Game: Steamworks

  • Initial Size: 26.75″ x 36.75″ x 60″

  • Extended Size: 37″ x 26″ x 60′

  • Competition History

    • Central Illinois Chairman’s Winner and Finalist
    • Minnesota North Star Entrepreneurship Winner
    • Curie Divison Finalist
    • Einstien (St. Louis) Chairman’s Finalist
  • Features

    • Drive Train
      • Tank Drive
      • Four CIM West Coast Products DS Gearbox
      • High Gear: 16ft/s
      • Low Gear: 4.5ft/s
      • AndyMark Performance Wheels, Blue Nitrile Tread
    • Ground Intake
      • Blue Banebot rollers powered by 1 Bag motor
      • Orange Banebot wheel roller system
    • Human Player Intake
      • Aluminum tray that delivers gear to slider
      • Actuated into two positions by pneumatic cylinders
    • Gear Slider
      • Linear actuating gear carriage to allow for placement of gear even when drivetrain is offset
      • Autonomous Visual Tracking system to automatically align gear to peg
      • Powered by 1 Bag motor geared at 30:1
      • Active deployment system using two doors powered by pneumatic cylinders
      • Gear Carriage rode on McMaster Car linear slides
    • Hanger
      • Hook velcro drum meets loop velcro rope for touch and go climb
      • Hanger mounted on a pivot for smooth climb and great center of gravity placement
      • Powered by 1 CIM motor through a 50:1 gearbox
      • 4 second climb
Competition Rankings
of 40
Central Illinois Regional
of 60
Minnesota North Star Regional
of 68
Curie Division
Season Challenges
  • Programming a 2 gear autonomous. Was within inches of succeeding at North Star regional, and was the only attempt we had in competition play.
  • Door delivery system would misfire and drop a gear if the robot was hit hard enough. We solved this by disabling the bump sensor unless a button on the secondary driver’s controller was pressed.