VEX Summer Camp

During the summer, KING TeC hosts a programming summer camp for students in grades 4-6. In this summer camp, the students are split into teams and given a robot game of KING TeC's own creation. The teams have the entire week to design, build, and program a robot that can accomplish all the goals of the challenge. KING TeC members directly mentor each team and help them through the entire build process. At the end of the weeks, all of the teams compete against one another to test their robots in a competition setting. The campers' friends and family are invited to the competition and this makes the competition a great opportunity for the kids to show the community their new found engineering skills. The teams are also judged on topics such as team spirit and gracious professionalism. This summer camp is a great opportunity for students to expand their interests in science and technology.

FTC Summer Camp

KING TeC hosts a summer long camp for our FTC students. During this time we have evenings setup with KING TeC student mentors teaching classes on everything for marketing and business to advanced programming techniques and mechanism design. Started in 2016 this program was a huge success and one student even commented, “The FTC Summer Camp allowed me to learn new things before my build season began, and strengthened my connections with students and KING TeC mentors”. We love this event, and for those who are unable to attend some days we repeat each class twice. This is a great way to educate FTC students on the program before they are on a team, and we see the students that go to this camp emerge as leaders on their team.