2010 | Sir Lance-A-Bot

Quick Facts

  • Name: Sir Lance-A-Bot

  • Year: 2010

  • Weight: 120 lbs

  • Programming Language: Labview

  • Status: Decommissioned

  • Game: Breakaway

  • Initial Size: 37″ x 26″ x 59.5″

  • Extended Size: 37″ x 26″ x 11′

  • Competition History

    • Wisconsin Regional: Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox
    • Minnesota 10000 Lakes Regional: Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers Award Finalist (Joe Passofaro)
  • Features

    • “Walking Beam” consisted of 8 wheels in pairs that pivoted on two axes to provide stable footing on any terrain.
    • Powerful wooden kicker bar
    • Side-firing pistons
    • Powerful aiming abilities

Season Challenges:

  • In the autonomous period, there was a vision target for teams to use in order to guide their team towards the scoring area. We attempted to code for this, which ate up a significant portion of the season.
  • As rookies, finding a space to work proved to be difficult. The team found shelter from the desolate plains in a local barn. Unheated and shared with horses, the team worked with hand tools to complete their first robot. focusing on simplicity, the team had only one mechanism on their bot: a ramp.