2012 | Sir Galahad

Quick Facts

  • Name: Sir Galahad

  • Year: 2012

  • Weight: 120 lbs

  • Programming Language: Labview

  • Status: Decommissioned

  • Game: Rebound Rumble

  • Size:  26.75″ x 36.75″ x 60″

  • Competition History

    • Lake Superior Regional: Winner, Chairman’s, Innovation in Control
    • Wisconsin Regional: Finalists, Entrepreneurship
    • World Competition: Galileo Division, Semifinalists
  • Features

    • 2-Speed AndyMark SuperShifters
    • High Gear 12.3 ft/s
    • Low Gear 4.8 ft/s
    • 8″x1″ IFI Traction Wheels 4wd Wide Base w/ Blue Nitrile
    • Raised 4″x1″ IFI Traction Wheels w/ IFI Wedgetop
    • Easily transverses Barrier and Bridge
    • Visual Tracking Assistant (Not Override)
    • Front and rear passive bridge manipulators
    • 19″ Wide Intake


Competition Rankings

Lake Superior Regional

Rank 19 of 64

Wisconsin Regional

Rank 11 of 48

Galileo Division

Rank 18 of 88


Season Challenges:

  • Vision processing: This year our programming team decided to attempt vision again. Although we were unsuccessful in this endeavor, the team did implement a sort of “cross hair” using cameras which allowed our drivers to line up with the basket quite nicely. This also ‘netted’ us the innovation in control award.