Minne Mini-Regional

Each year KING TeC hosts a mini FRC regional. Before the regional, KING TeC hosts several classes covering different robotics related subjects. Every year, 36 teams from all over the Midwest come visit Prior Lake High School to play the previous year’s FRC Game.


Due to our involvement in the community, Prior Lake City Council has proclaimed October 12th as KING TeC Day.

KTC Summer Camp

We hold an annual KTC summer camp every June. The camp is for grades 4-6 and participates create robots using VEX materials. The camp follows the ideals of FIRST Robotics, like Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition®.

Mock FLL Tournament

Each year, KING TeC hosts a mock tournament for FLL. Teams can get used to the format and procedures of a real tournament.

Mankato State FRC Kickoff

KING TeC goes to Mankato State University every year for the official FIRST kickoff. KING TeC also teaches a variety of classes for other teams, including programming and strategy.

KING TeC Challenge Tournament

We have our very own in-house middle school program, KING TeC Challenge (KTC). and every year the teams are mentored by KING TeC members. Each year, KING TeC members create a new and challenging game.