FIRST Lego League Challenge | 4-8

FIRST Lego League Challenge

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Who? What? Where? Why?


  • A fun program where teams learn how to build and program LEGO EV3 or Spike Prime robots. The robots are built to complete specific tasks that correspond to that year’s theme.
  • There is also a project component in which teams develop a new or innovative solution to a problem relating to the year’s theme.


  • Teams of 6 kids from grades 4 – 8, coached by parents (don’t worry, no experience necessary), and mentored by KING TeC members.


  • To inspire kids in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The very motto of FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.

When and Where?

  • Starting in September
  • The season goes to at least the weekend before Thanksgiving. Additional tournaments are possible.
  • Build nights at PLHS twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday)

FLL Challenge Info

Information about FLL Challenge can be viewed in the slideshow below!

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FLL Challenge utilizes Computer Aided Design. Go to this page to learn about FLL CAD!