The Departments of KING TeC

2017-18 Org Chart

The Mechanical Department

The Mechanical Department focuses on the design and creation of the robot’s frame, manipulator and other specialized parts. This department also works with the CAD (Computer Aided Design) subteam during the early weeks of the build season to design the robot.

The CAD Subteam

The CAD Department is responsible for the CAD of the robot. After the inital designs for the robot have been made, the CAD Department works to turn those initial designs and requirements into a 3D digital representation. This department also produces highly accurate drawings from which the mechanical department can produce parts. KING TeC uses PTC Creo as our CAD software. The CAD Department works closely with the mechanical department.

The Fabrication Subteam

Description coming soon!

The Assembly Subteam

Description coming soon!

The Control Systems Department

The Control Systems Department works to construct all of the electrical components both on and off the robot. In addition to the main control board, the Control Systems department is also in charge of making sure all of the pneumatics on the robot are in working condition. This department works closely with the Mechanical department.

The Programming Department

The Programming Department is responsible for programming the robot during build season. In addition to creating both the autonomous and the drive programs, the Programming department works on maintaining the FRC Survival Guide App. The Programming department works closely with the Mechanical and Strategy departments.

The Strategy Department

It is the Strategy department’s job to create a set of objectives the robot must follow on the field. This ranges anywhere from the starting position in a certain autonomous program, to which game objectives will be fulfilled during a match and how. It is also the Strategy Department’s job to utilize scouting data during competition to create a pick list for alliance selection. A strategy is needed to define what is most important in a game, such as the main scoring element, as well as other objectives that must be accomplished. This department works closely with the Mechanical and Programming departments.

The Business Department

The Business Department organizes many events for KING TeC and works to make sure the team and all of our programs run smoothly. Additionally, this department creates the Business Plan submission and works to win the Entrepreneurship Award. The Business Department also serves as the contact to our sponsors and maintains sponsor relationships. The Business Department works closely with all its subteams.

The Chairman’s Subteam

The Chairman’s Department creates the submission for the Chairman’s Award, the most prestigious award that FIRST grants. It is awarded to teams who exemplify the ideals of FIRST and who spread STEM throughout their community and beyond. The submission consists of a 10,000 character essay, a 3-minute video, an executive summary, and a speech given to the judges at competitions. The Chairman’s Department utilizes the experiences provided by our team’s community outreach to provide the content for the different components of the submission. In this department, writing, speaking, and people skills are essential. This department works closely with the Business and Media departments.

The Marketing Department

The Marketing subteam works to promote KING TeC as a brand. This includes making KING TeC merchandise, ensuring a constant presence in the stands at competition, communicating with and advertising events to the public, taking photos at events, creating all video content for the team, and maintaining the team website. During build season, this subteam works closely with the Chairman’s subteam to create the Chairman’s video.