The History of KING TeC

On October 12, 2006, KING TeC was founded by a father and his two sons. Beginning in a cold barn with extremely limited tools and resources, the 21 members of KING TeC’s inaugural year built a robot that would end up winning them a trip to the World Championships.

From that first year until now, KING TeC has maintained its expectations of greatness. KING TeC continues to be a consistent competitor on the field, and continues to expand the scope of its outreach events to change the culture in not only their community, but to the communities abroad. KING TeC goes beyond just improving their own team by starting, mentoring, and ensuring the success of other FIRST teams. This year, KING TeC’s K-12 robotics kingdom influenced the lives of nearly 300 passionate squires and knights.Over the past ten years, KING TeC has transformed their culture by giving the opportunity to every single person in their district to join robotics, by teaching others how to run a successful and sustainable team, and by going to over 30 outreach events annually.

Ten years ago, KING TeC began as 21 kids in a barn with an idea. Through everything, KING TeC has never forgotten that change requires action, success requires failure, and one idea, one team, can make the difference. Our hope is that our actions will serve as a catalyst for change within other communities, and together we can make a lasting impact on the world.